SUN RUN 2024

To celebrate the release of the Ikoni 3.0, KARHU hosted a second reimagined Sun Run event in Finland with new international guests.

With the help from Italian eyewear manufacturer Alba Optics, KARHU kicked off the weekend with a group run from the Helsinki Concept Store that brought runners of all abilities together.

Karhu EU

Guests were gifted a limited-edition Sun Run t-shirt, singlet, and running cap and attendees included runners hailing from a variety of nations including Denmark, Italy, The Netherlands, the United States of America, Sweden, and, of course, Finland. The Ikoni 3.0 was put to the test over two route distances through the Helsinki city streets and along the coast allowing runners to take in views of the surrounding architecture and ocean.

Karhu EU

It was a great honor to place first and second and be able to stand atop the podium holding the trophy proudly!

Finland experiences the midnight sun during the summer which provides the perfect environment to form friendships and creates an amazing training setting. As the days and nights wore on, stories were shared on runs and over meals.

The packed dirt roads lined with pine and birch trees were the ideal backdrop for our guests to continue putting miles on the Ikoni 3.0 and build fitness for their next races. It was a truly fun weekend spent running, racing, and exploring on foot that allowed Karhu to celebrate a new product and show off Finland's natural beauty.