Take a journey deep into the landscape of northern Finland and you will find yourself in the heart of Lapland. It is an environment where reindeer roam, rivers flow freely and firtrees line the hiking trails.

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Climb one or all of the seven fells that make up the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park and discover why Karhu uses this venue as the inspira- tion for the latest release of the Fusion 2.0. The “Mount Pallas” Pack reflects the outdoor spirit and the appreciation for tranquil settings.

The mountains residing at the top of northern Finland witness a daily shift in colour. The suns rays bring warm, soothing tones of amber and gold while the changing autumn leaves express rich browns and tans.

Karhu represents this aesthetic with the Fusion 2.0 (Caramel Café / Aegean Blue). In contrast, as evening sets and as colder months bring snow, the cool temperatures of nature and a subdued mood is captured with the Fusion 2.0 (Wet Weather / Swamp).

Both colour ways consist of a mix between pigskin suede and perforated nubuck. The material selection, in combination with the round hiking laces and technically designed midsole, give this Fusion pack an outdoor feel with a casual edge.