The sport of track and field is close to Karhu’s heart. Across the decades, Karhu has appeared on podiums at the Olympics, national championships and at collegiate championships. At its core, track and field’s various disciplines serve as the basis of all sports, which is why it is also known as “athletics”. 

Release, Running

Karhu’s latest release of its Performance running shoes draws inspiration from the sport we admire most the “Track & Field” pack. “In the 60s and 70s, when I was training and racing in Finland,” says Karhu Chairman, Franco Arese, “I learned the tracks had a unique color compared to other countries, they were black! However, these tracks were really good for racing.”

The passion of track and field and a competitive mindset influences the colour assortment and material selection in this concept. Karhu updates the popular Fusion Ortix model with two track-centric colour options. The men’s option is a bold blue reminiscent of the track surface seen at the famed Drake Relays “blue oval” or Rio’s most recent Olympic facility.

The sublimated upper remains lightweight, and airy to keep the foot cool while providing a secure wrap around the foot. The cushioned midsole and a flexible forefoot complete a comfortable fit for this everyday trainer. 

On the women’s side, the colour selection receives a berry red similar to tartan track surfaces most common in the world. Runners recognize stepping on an all-weather track surface means the pace will pick up and work- outs are going to be tough. The colour for the women’s Fusion Ortix is aimed at increasing the tempo and achieving personal bests.

 The Karhu Fusion Ortix “Track & Field” pack will release globally on Friday, July 27th, 2018 at specialty running retailers world wide. In the US, Karhu is exclusively available at Fleet Feet. In Germany, Karhu is exclusively available at Lauf Profi.