Karhu continues to design its footwear collection based on a growing 3D foot scan database.Using the aggregate data supplied from retail partners, Karhu constructs a running shoe that accounts for noted differences in measurement points like: heel width, instep height, and forefoot height.

Release, Running

 The Ikoni Ortix, the first shoe Shaped by fit id™, was originally built from over 100,000 scans taken from real runners' feet. As a result, the Ikoni provides a custom like fit straight out of the box!

Karhu is debuting a limited edition "Rosé" colourway of this popular running shoe model.

 Outfitted with a half length fulcrum and a seamlessly engineered mesh upper, the Ikoni provides a quick transition and comfortable fit.

 The Ikoni works for many types of runners ranging from the casual fitness enthusiast to the athlete putting in serious weekly mileage. The Ikoni offers a light on foot feel and smooth toe off through the flexible forefoot design.