Forfar-based Charlie Murray is an Honorary Life Member of the Braemar Royal Highland Society and modelled the HANON x Karhu Legacy 96 'Highland Games' collaboration which was shot on location in Braemar, Scotland, at the Princess Royal and Duke of Fife Memorial Park. This location is where the Braemar Gathering takes place, which is the most notable Highland Games event, and is held on the first Saturday in September.
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Karhu EU

Our Legend Team, together with Scotland’s finest HANON, discussed with him about his experience, before as athlete and now as a part of the organisation, in Highland Games.

“I started my interest in Highland Games when I was asked to join the Forfar Tug of War Team in 1978, and I pulled with that team until it stopped in 1985, enjoying a lot of success and some formidable challenges. A new team was formed in 1995 and continued until 2000, however, me and two other members were approached to join Elgin, which resulted in another 10 years of formidable challenges and success.”


I personally feel that I have competed with and against the best, and seen the best involved in this sport over the last 40 years. However, I hope that this sport returns as it is a real crowd pleaser.”

Karhu EU

“I joined the Forfar Highland Games committee (now known as the Strathmore Highland Games) in 1999, then I was elected on to the Governing Body of Highland Games (known as the Scottish Highland Games Association) in 2002 and was elected as Vice President in 2011 before becoming President in 2014 serving a two three-year term. Since then, I have been Vice President and Director of Development.”

“Highlights for myself were representing the Braemar Gathering at the official opening of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, working with others to receive permission for His Royal Highness The Duke of Rothesay to be our Patron and receiving permission from Her Majesty The Queen for the governing body to be known as the Royal Scottish Highland Games Association. I was also very fortunate to see the beginning of the new Highland Games Visitor Centre in the grounds of the world famous Braemar Gathering, a testament to Highland Games and its athletes worldwide. The Highland Games are a big family and there is nothing better than celebrating a successful games with the committee and a good malt whisky.”

“Evidence of these events can be traced to 2000 BC, but the Games as we know it today came about in early 1800. The World Famous Braemar Gathering was visited in 1838 by Queen Victoria, and her Royal approval has continued to the present day with Her Majesty The Queen and members of her family attending on an annual basis.”


Karhu EU

“I am very fortunate to receive permission from the BRHS to be on the field on the day of the Gathering, it is something special to be able to look from the inside out. I was made an Honorary Life Member of the BRHS in 2021 something that in my foray into the Games I never thought possible.”