Men's Fluid5 MRE-Blue Jewel/Jasmine Green

The Fluid 5 MRE, which stands for Maximum Rolling Effect, is Karhu's versatile neutral trainer. The model is designed for athletes pushing themselves through workouts to those looking for a comfortable shoe to use at the gym. The half-length Fulcrum level assists the runner with a comfortable transition from heel to toe. The midsole is made from two types of foam: a Protect Foam compound surrounding the fulcrum to provide cushioning and a Propel Foam used in the Fulcrum to encourage the rolling effect. The 2017 version features a softer step in feel and midsole for smooth roll through the gait cycle. The upper utilizes an integrated lacing system for a personalized wrap while the forefoot mesh allows for the toes to splay without any obstructing overlays. New stretch laces help secure the shoe for a proper fit. Weighing in at 300g / 10.5 oz. and with a heel to forefoot offset of 21mm / 14mm, this everyday trainer's stable heel and flexible forefoot make it ideal for serious runners seeking personal bests to fitness enthusiasts looking to enjoy every step.
21mm / 14mm