Air Cushion T-shirt Navy

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Yes, it’s true, Karhu was the first sports brand to develop a midsole system using Air Cushion. The Air Cushion under the heel and the elevated arch support considerably reduced strain on the knees, pelvis and small of the back. ⠀ The ChampionAir known for being the first Karhu shoe with the 1976 patented Karhu Air Cushion midsole. Later on, the ChampionAir became an international hit and sold over 1,000,000 pairs globally. To honour both the Air Cushion system and the ChampionAir, Karhu decided to launch a T-shirt featuring the classic Air Cushion artwork from the late 70s. The Karhu Air Cushion T-shirt will be launched exclusively in limited amounts at the Karhu Concept Stores in Helsinki (Finland) and Boston (USA) and via on Saturday, September the 30th.