This April, KARHU releases the second of two Mascot Pack drops.
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Karhu EU

Inspired by our very own mascot, the legendary Finnish Sports bear, the “Cheer Bear” assortment features four of Karhu’s signature silhouettes in all-new colourways.

Karhu EU

Sports organizations popularized the mascot by first using live animals as entertainment for spectators and intimidation for rivals.

Karhu EU

While researching a modern-day face for the Mascot Pack, the KARHU design team was inspired by several illustrations from our archives—specifically the 1960s Trampas Bear and a 1980s comic strip that introduced Kris the Karhu Bear. For our latest drop, we continue the story of Kris the Karhu Bear as he auditions to become KARHU’s newest mascot.

The Karhu Mascot Pack 2 will be available on Friday, the 15th of April at KARHU.COM, both KARHU Concept Stores in Helsinki (Finland) and Verona (Italy) and select retailers worldwide.