Winter can often intensify the daily challenges of life. Its colder, darker, less encouraging.
While we need to protect ourselves more from these elements, we also need to be open to sources of invigorating energy, and how they can create forward momentum.
We seek and find joy in small things; connections, conversations, camaraderie.
We embrace them as they keep us fresh and focused.
Simple moments and simple pleasures help guide our day, reminding us of what is important, and ultimately how we wish to live.
Each of us, regardless of our occupation or interests is presented with daily circumstances that force us to evolve, and to consider how we act; ultimately informing how we define our own individual identity.
Our state of mind and openness lead us on this path.

Opportunity lies in each day and each person we meet with this openness.
It has been said that our effect on others is the most important currency we have. Living with passion and sharing this enthusiasm creates opportunities for shared experiences and understanding.
Choosing to see and appreciate what we do have and choosing to learn from the difficult enables us to move forward, to grow.
And so we begin again, renewed, hopeful. Our life is what we make it, and how we interpret it.
We choose opportunity, and every day we strive through challenge to make it our reality.