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Fri Apr 1, 2011

Karhu Unveils New Advances

BEVERLY, MA, April 1, 2011
Building upon its fast growth in running specialty, KARHU announces new advancements for spring 2011 in its patented, fulcrum technology.

Trusted by runners for over 30 years, KARHUs fulcrum footwear collaborates with the foot to convert a runner's natural energy into forward momentum. Winner of both Runner’s World and Women's Running awards for superior product, KARHU running footwear provides industry leading benefits for runner efficiency and balanced transition delivering unprecedented performance and comfort for all types of runners.

Runners literally Move Forward with the KARHU Fulcrum Advancemen
The new spring 2011 products are the result of two years of biomechanical research and testing at the Neuromuscular Research Center, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland.

Created for performance runners with a mid-foot strike or faster cadence, the latest KARHU innovation for running shoes in 2011 moves the runner's center of pressure more quickly through the shoe into toe-off. The new Fulcrum creates superior response while gaining the benefits of stride balance, stride efficiency, and lower vertical oscillation.

Fast2 fulcrum_ride and Strong2 fulcrum_ride shoes are geared to the more serious runner looking to develop a faster pace during mid-high mileage training runs. The fulcrum points in the new models are placed in the mid-sole and are further forward than all previous models. This delivers an even faster transition to toe-off by preventing the runner from "sinking" into the shoes while increasing forward propulsion off the heel. The outcome is an extremely responsive ride, resulting in more efficient running that translates into faster paces on the same amount, or even less, physical exertion (as measured by VO2).

“For KARHU it is all about helping a runner Move Forward on their run and in life. Our patented fulcrum helps a runner do just that and we made it even better for 2011,” says Jay Duke, KARHU’S president. “Our fast growth this past year shows that runners realize greater efficiency and comfort wearing KARHU footwear.”

The new Strong2 and Fast2 models are irrefutable proof that the company is committed to driving as much performance from the fulcrum technology as possible. "For decades, best-in-class in this industry has been determined by tweaking basic concepts that haven't changed a whole lot,” Duke says. “We're convinced — and our growth proves it — that the fulcrum technology is transforming the standard and causing a profound shift in what training runners can and should expect from their shoes."

Key product details of the new models:
In addition to the forward placement of the fulcrum point, both the Strong2 and Fast2 offer new construction features for greater comfort for mid-high mileage training. Specifically, a form fitting, molded upper eliminates overlap seams that can cause blisters and significantly reduces the need for the cement that affects breathability. Both shoes also feature a breathable, Ortholite polyurethane insole, blown rubber in the forefoot and reflectivity throughout.

Altogether, the new Spring 2011 line includes more than seven different models - each featuring a unique combination of fulcrum point position (rearward, mid and forward), cushioning, stability components and profile. Such an expansive offering gives runners of all levels and body types the ability to leverage the fulcrum technology into a more efficient stride and greater forward momentum.

The newest fulcrum is now available at running specialty retailers and at www.karhu.com.

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