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Wed Feb 17, 2010

Karhu's Point of View on Barefoot Running

Re-Thinking Barefoot Running: New Study Suggests Traditional “Cushion and Correct” Technology At Fault, Not Running Shoes

Beverly, MA (February, 2010) – Barefoot running is all the rage this Spring. But before runners shed their shoes and go barefoot, a new study from the one of the world’s leading sports and fitness research institutes, Finland’s University of Jyväskylä (UoJ), suggests that it’s years of a “cushion and correction” approach to running shoe technology that’s at fault, not the shoes themselves.

A recent study on barefoot running by the Harvard Business School added fuel to the barefoot fire by stating that barefoot runners are at less risk of injuries from heel strikes and may be more efficient overall, as the relatively flat position of the foot during strike better preserves forward momentum. 

“Harvard University’s Barefoot Running Study has brought to light that less correction and a more natural forefront strike is clearly beneficial to runners,” said Jay Duke, president, KARHU.  “Running barefoot may be an option for a small group of people but most likely not for the majority of runners.  Yet the reason many are still suffering from injuries induced by too much cushion and correction is because the main brands are missing the mark.  Instead, KARHU offers a revolutionary solution through Natural Ride engineering, patented Fulcrum technology provides natural forward momentum as well as protection and comfort.  We launched KARHU less than a year ago and already the buzz of its benefits are reaching running specialty stores across the country.”

More Than Barefoot Running: KARHU Natural Ride Engineering with the patented Fulcrum

The brand has made product perfection a priority, further deepening research by partnering with Finland’s leading sports and fitness research institute, the University of Jyväskylä (UoJ), to develop advancements in running shoe technology and scientifically confirm the technology associated with Fulcrum.  The university and KARHU have unveiled the next chapter of their research, which will explore other technologies that can further improve efficiency and performance by working in harmony with the natural biomechanics and physiology of runners. 

KARHU’s Spring 2010 collections complement every runner’s needs, whether for sprinting, jogging or walking.  For those needing additional support, the Steady_fulcrum ride is a high-end performance stability ride ideal for the training runner with a significant heel strike force and seeking greater comfort. For the runner with a need for speed, KARHU has developed the Forward fulcrum_ride, designed for the runner who is pushing their limits and seeks a responsive and efficient ride.  

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